Escape is a lightweight application framework for the development of cross-platform applications based on Java technology. The following features are included in the framework:

  • Workarea Management - Provides a powerful workarea user interface that is easily customized by the user. The workarea manages the menu bar, the tool bar and the view areas.
  • Action Management - Many predefined actions that are simple to use and allows for custom implementations for predefined actions. Escape also allows for custom actions to be added.
  • Resource Management - Provides a powerful API for managing resources. Escape uses the URI class to define a resource, so anything that can be defined by a URI (e.g. files, archives, database connections, web resources, etc.) can be used as a resource in Escape.
  • Module Management - An interface to add functionality through downloadable modules. Modules can be developed independently of Escape and be provided for download via the Internet.
  • Application Updates - Automatically detect, download, and install application and module updates.

System Requirements

  • Java 7+ (
  • 5MB Disk Space
  • Automatic Updates Require Internet Connection